© Josée Lambert

Les trois derniers jours de Fernando Pessoa

Denis Marleau

Ghostly figures take turns watching over a dying man.


These disturbing shadows are said to visit us in the final hours before the silence of death. In pursuing the enigmatic Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, director Denis Marleau brings the idea of doppelgänger and otherness to fever pitch, creating a hybrid theatrical form using images and theatre that is magic and incantatory. Supported by a solid team that includes actor Paul Savoie, set designer Zaven Paré and composer John Rea, Marleau once again creates a dynamic piece with all the rigour and theatrical invention that Théâtre UBU is known for.


Directed and adapted by Denis Marleau Based on the novel of Antonio Tabucchi Translated by Jean-Paul Manganaro, Éditions du Seuil Created by Théâtre UBU Co-produced with Théâtre national, Dijon Bourgogne, Fundaçào Calouste Gulbenkian (Lisbonne), Festival de théâtre des Amériques.