Les trous du ciel

Marie Chouinard

A small community, huddled together in a band and functioning to the rhythm of rituals, walks and dances under the stars, known as “holes in the sky” to the Inuit.


Using boreal images from a legend of a fingerless goddess held prisoner by the waves, a musical poem in homage to the entire human tribe. Bathed in the spirit of the North and its inspiring poetry, preoccupied with survival, attentive to the cultural and emotional ties that bind societies together, a performance at times coarse and at times refined, attentive to the beat of things, where contemporaries leave in search of their ancestors and through them discover impulses that have come down through the mists of time. With packs of dogs and migrations of birds, filtered voices and amplified breathing, an intricate tapestry of bewitching images sustained by a strange, rich acoustic texture.


Compagnie Marie Chouinard Co-commissioned by the National Art Center and the Festival de théâtre des Amériques. Created and choreographed by Marie Chouinard