Denis Marleau

The Ubs are Mother and Father Ubu, “grotesque representatives of the human species” who single-handedly sum up the absurdity of existence. Colossal in his stupidity and cowardice, naive, mean and power-hungry, Ubu holds the entire world in his enormous stomach.


The father of the infamous “Merde!” and the imaginary solutions of pataphysics, the specialist of “phynances” with his fondness for patois and flair for neologisms, was the laughing-stock for generations of schoolchildren before Alfred Jarry made him the leitmotif of his illustrious series of texts. This new Ubu-esquesaga draws freely on Jarry’s work in a feast of voices, lights, songs and brass band. Ubu scandalized all his original audiences with his utter and absolute liberty. But his pranks barely camouflage a profound disorder: behind the laughter, catastrophe. His complex nature still has much to say to us…


Théâtre UBU Co-commissioned by the Festival de théâtre des Amériques Based on Alfred Jarry‘s Works Adapted and directed by Denis Marleau Music composed by Jean Derome