Béla Pintér

A penniless opera. A farce coupled with a fable. In this musical theatre that is cheerfully scathing, a band of unbridled actors, singers and dancers presents a peasant wedding that borrows from sources varying from Brecht to Emir Kusturica by way of cabaret, theatre, popular fairs and festivals.


Freely blending songs and folk tunes from the great Magyar tradition, as well as Gypsy, Jewish, Serbian and Armenian musical traditions, L’opéra paysan tells the story of parents seeking for their daughter a good match – a station master with some land the father covets. It hijacks the form of baroque opera to present a radioscopy of Hungarian society and its theatrical and family traditions. This sardonic and entertaining theatre is the work of an actor, playwright and director making waves on the theatre scene in Hungary – Béla Pintér.


Written and directed by  Béla Pintér 

Performers : Szilvia Baranyi , Sándor Bencze, Tamás Deák, Éva Enyedi, Sarolta Nagy-Abonyi, Béla Pintér, Tünde Szalontay, Szabolcs Thuróczy, József Tóth

Musicians : Benedek Darvas, László Nyíri , Gábor Pelva, György Póta, Bertalan Veér

Set Design : Péter Horgas

Costume Design : Mari Benedek

Lighting Design : Zoltán Vida

Music : Benedek Darvas

Production: Compagnie Béla Pintér (Budapest)

With the support of National Cultural Fund (Hongrie)

In association with Espace GO

Text: Stéphane Lépine

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Gàbor Dusa