© Sebastio Barbosa


In a severe setting evoking the everyday life of Brazil’s peasants and Indians, Marcos and Rachel Ribas, clothed in black, hover over a Lilliputian world and tenderly manipulate their puppets. Three short, wordless stories from their corner of the world, thrce slices of life, three poems: an old peasant dies in the arms of his wife; a child and a bird make a mysterious journey through the luxuriant jungle; and two teenagers woo each other.


MANSAMENTE has no need for dialogue to reach an audience. Silence alternates with spellbinding chants drawn from the traditional rural folklore of Brazilian Indians, stirring us to emotion and reflection. These two wonderful storytellers from Rio de Janeiro province have won many prizes in Brazil. They offer us an intimist, magical show whose name means “softly” in their language: MANSAMENTE.


An original show written and directed by Marcos and Rachel Ribas
Produced by the Grupo Contadores de Estorias