A young man on his way up fast in the business world, “I” wants power now. His goal: president of the big company for which he works. Five actors—three men and two women— take turns playing “I”. All dressed in grey suits, they are five complementary but sometimes contradictory facets, five compartments of “I”‘s mind and spirit.


A psychological thriller, MEIN reflects the tormented and manipulative mind of the young executive. Mime, masks, humour and choreography are skilfully woven together to take us to the heart of “I”‘s psyche: his nightmares and longings, his insecurities and hopes.

A portrait of a certain realm of high finance, MEIN won the 1984 Dora Award for the best new production in Toronto. In a staging that hints at claustrophobia and suffocation, we are shown the complexity of human ambition and what some are ready to sacrifice for success.


A collective production by Necessary Angel
Directed by Richard Rose
Co-produced by the Toronto Free Theatre and Necessary Angel.