An experience of sharp contrasts where the unexpected and the ephemeral can suddenly appear just around the corner, Microclimats is a meandering stroll that features a dozen dazzling art projects, from unusual fragments to other short art forms made specifically for the site.


For two consecutive evenings, a group of adventurous directors, choreographers, dancers, performers and musicians of different generations will take very nook and cranny of the Monument-National by storm. From cellar to attic, from the imposing staircase to tiny closets by way of the bar, discovery-bent spectators will wander here and there at their own pace through this fragmented labyrinth inhabited by multiple imaginings and ever-changing atmospheres. In order to take maximum advantage of this artistic treasure hunt, spectators are encouraged to arrive early so as to establish an itinerary adapted to their particular tastes and the whims of the moment.




Stéphane Gladyszewski

Emmanuel Jouthe

Geneviève Letarte

Antonija Livingstone

Carole Nadeau & Louis Hudon

Rober Racine & Louise Bédard

Les Soeurs Schmutt

Emmanuel Schwartz & Olivier Choinière

Système Kangourou

Theatre Replacement

Catherine Vidal (with Marc Legault)


In association with Monument-National


Photo: Drbouz