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Louise Lecavalier

The stage is a ring, a playground where a thousand ephemeral battles take place. A turbulent force, a modern-day Amazon, Louise Lecavalier plunges into the fray with Robert Abubo.


Fantastic Cavalcade

A turbulent force, a modern-day Amazon, Louise Lecavalier sees dance as a radical art, a struggle both physical and psychic, a constant challenge. After the striking piece So Blue, presented at FTA 2013, she has changed course and embarked on an unusual yet equally compelling quest set to mysterious, haunting soundscapes.

The stage is a ring, a playground, where in nine rounds, a thousand ephemeral battles take place. Freely inspired by the figure of Italo Calvino’s nonexistent knight, the naïve, imperturbable character encounters another antihero — his squire, his double. Moved by an indefinable force, they set off on a crazy, pure adventure that defines the meaning of their existence. They tremble, hop and skip, fidget, size each other up, imitate each other, scamper about, run, go around in circles, ride through the countryside. Quirky yet sympathetic, they pursue their illusions and take the audience with them, venturing far along their imaginary meanderings.


Produced by Fou glorieux
Concept and choreography Louise Lecavalier
Performed by Robert Abubo + Louise Lecavalier
Assistant choreographer and rehearsal director France Bruyère
Lighting design Alain Lortie
Original music Antoine Berthiaume
Additional music Steve Roach
Costume design Yso

Coproduction Festival TransAmériques + tanzhaus nrw (Düsseldorf) + HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts (Dresden) + Centquatre (Paris) + Usine C + Centre national des Arts (Ottawa)
Presented by TP1

Premiered at Dusseldorf, on February 13, 2016


© Massimo Chiaradia

Louise Lecavalier (Montreal)
Fou glorieux

A charismatic mainstay of La La La Human Steps for 18 years, Louise Lecavalier was an icon for an era, the incarnation of extreme, spectacular dance that went far beyond conventional limits.

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