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© Yuula Benivolski


Amanda Acorn

Five pulsating, swaying, undulating bodies in a tribute to the painter Mark Rothko. A magnetic performance, a hypnotic dance. Visceral and captivating.


The Cycle of Life

Five pulsating, swaying, undulating bodies. Bewitching music that electrifies the dancers. Explosive device or sensory turmoil, multiform(s) dips into the indomitable life force, the inexhaustible energy of movements repeated ad infinitum. The Toronto artist Amanda Acorn captivates with her raw poetry and her magnetic, extraordinary universe, confirming her status as a rising figure on the contemporary dance scene.

What do we see — a single heart beating, a giant mechanism, an oceanic dream? A veritable immersion for the spectators overlooking and surrounding an arena, multiform(s) hypnotizes. A vibrant, moving tableau inspired by the vivid pigments of Mark Rothko’s paintings, the performance transports the audience to an altered state as it fascinates and casts a spell. Beyond time, beyond reality, Acorn manages by means of a subtle, complex dialogue of bodies to create a moment of rare beauty. A journey of the senses, the pure pleasure of abstraction.


Produced by Amanda Acorn
Choreography Amanda Acorn
Co-created and performed by Amanda Acorn + Jonathan Adjemian – Hoover Party + Meryem Alaoui + Ellen Furey + Jolyane Langlois + Germaine Liu + Ann Trépanier
Composer and sound designer Jonathan Adjemian – Hoover Party + Germaine Liu
Costume design Sarah Doucet
Lighting design Paul Chambers
Rehearsal director Kate Nankervis

Created with the support of Dancemakers – Centre for Creation (Toronto)

Premiered at Summerworks Festival, Toronto, August 6, 2015


© Talia Shipman

Amanda Acorn (Toronto)

A dancer and choreographer originally from Calgary, Amanda Acorn is based in Toronto where she was a company artist with Dancemakers for four seasons.

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