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Tamara Cubas

Seventy-five people of all ages and backgrounds take over the public space each evening to perform a live choreographic score that reflects the world, combining chaos with the euphoria of togetherness. 


A striking, diverse group of people takes over the Place des Festivals. Motionless at first, the seventy-five individuals of all ages and backgrounds come to life and start running. Anger brews. Music throbs. Then suddenly, the vibrant swarm of humanity is brought to a halt. They burst into infectious laughter, then resume their merry-go-round, a succession of powerful images and emotions in a captivating dance of relationships, each person acting with total freedom and in full awareness of the others. Night after night, the group relies on the expression of individuality to re-stage, as one body, a work that reflects the world, combining chaos and the euphoria of togetherness.

Uruguay’s Tamara Cubas draws on choreographic composition as well as collective organization in Multitud, which has thrilled audiences in 17 cities since 2013. Inherently political, it reveals our capacity to influence—and be influenced by—others, and shows how agency, difference, and dissent are fundamental elements of any shared undertaking.


Produced by Corpo Rastreado
Created and directed by Tamara Cubas
Performed by Robert Abubo + Emine Adilak + Stella Alonso + Marie-Christine André + Maude Archambault-Wakil + Aryan Arian + Damaris  Baker + Pierre Bastien + Ricardo B. Beaubrun + Fanny Bélanger-Poulin + Claudia Bernal + Linda Besner + Francisco Wagner Bezerra Rodrigues + Lo Bil + Isabelle Bouchard + Malika Bouchard-Medawar + Maxim Bouclin + Catherine-Alexandre Briand + Josée Brouillard + Christian  Brun del Re + Noémie  Calderon Tremblay + Josée  Chabot + Suzanne  Charbonneau + Jimmy Trieu Phong Chung + Aurélie Clair + Patrick Cloutier + Elise Cropsal + Julien Dajez + Lisa Dangotte + Julianne  Decerf + Chad Dembski + Ariane Demers + Camïlle Demers-Paquin + Pascal Duguay Gosselin + Alida Esmail + Lucy Fandel + Luce Fortier + Marcella França + Camille Gendron + Lila Geneix + Claude Michel Germain + Sarah  Germain + Marianne Gravel + Vicki Grenier + Orialys Hernandez  + Raul Huaman + Lucia del Carmen Jarquin Madriz + Audrey Jiang + Muriel Kearney + Olivia Khoury + Meyranie Lacroix + Michel Lafleur + Céline Laquerre + Alix  Latour + Sylvie Laurin + Pierre Lavigueur + Stéphanie Leclair + Rozenn Lecomte + Guy Philippe Légaré + James Levesque + Melissa Loizou + Marianne Lynch + Patrícia Machado + Alice Marroquín-Éthier + Sophie Mhun + Elise Miara + Raphaëlle Morin + Lysanne Morissette + Kathia Noiseux + Valeria Ortiz + Nicole Panneton + Alejandra Parra + Adalia Pemberton-Smith + Sophie Pronovost + Shima Raeesi + Malala  Ravelojaona + Gerard Reyes + Vanessa Rigaux + Julie Rivest + Sally Robb + Lou-Anne Rousseau + Cara Roy + Irene Ruiz Muniente + Julie Sage + Michèle Steinwald + Simon Thibaud-Ceccarello + Marie-Yieng  Touikan + Sylvie Tourangeau + Rafa Tremblay-van Zuiden + Richard Trottier + Patrick Tsie8ei (Sioui) + Francine Verdone  + Noël Vézina + Vivienne Worotnik
Lighting Design Leticia Skrycky + Sebastian Alies
Original Music Francisco Lapetina + Martin Craciun
Technical Coordinator and Light Operator Jimmy Wong
Distribution Corpo a Fora

Presented by Hydro-Québec with the support of Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles

Premiered at Espacio de Arte Contemporaneu (Montevideo), on March 6, 2014

Written by Fabienne Cabado
Translated by David Dalgleish


© Tamara Cubas

Tamara Cubas (Montevideo)

Born in Montevideo in 1972, Tamara Cubas lived her childhood under the Uruguayan dictatorship. Political power, protest, and personal relationships are at the heart of her work, which is based on activating and empowering bodies.

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