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Nos ghettos

J-F Nadeau, Stéfan Boucher

An astounding urban walkabout at the corner of Bélanger Street and 2nd Avenue. A blistering attack on the empty talk and pious hopes of living together in harmony.


Like many, Jean-François would like to believe in living together in harmony. Through an alter ego moulded by the everyday cowardly acts of the middle class, the actor and writer J-F Nadeau, accompanied by a hideous doll and swept along by the ferociously mocking funk music of Stéfan Boucher, takes the audience on an astounding urban walkabout. On a street corner near his home he learns the hard way that racism is quite insignificant compared to the indifference that is the first rule of social peace.

Inspired by psycho-geography, which questions the effect of the geographical environment on the individual, Nadeau and Boucher wildly and playfully dissect the commercial section of Bélanger Street at the corner of 2nd Avenue, where businesses from diverse cultures stand side by each in unwavering mutual ignorance. Expressed in spectacularly rhythmic language, it is a blistering attack on our empty talk and pious hopes.


Produced by La Tourbière
Written by J-F Nadeau
Directed by J-F Nadeau + Stéfan Boucher
Performed by J-F Nadeau + Stéfan Boucher + Olivier Landry-Gagnon
Music flone: Stéfan Boucher + Olivier Landry-Gagnon
Voice Gisèle Kayembe
Set Design Jonas V. Bouchard
Costume and Props Design Elen Ewing
Lighting Design, Assistant Director and Stage Manager Jeanne Fortin-L.
Video Geneviève Albert
Outside Eyes Madeleine Péloquin
Advisors Jean-Philippe Pleau + Marie-Sophie Banville
Technical Director Martin Mantha
Production Director Rachel Gamache
Diction Training Marie-Eve Pelletier

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques
Presented in association with Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui 

Written by Paul Lefebvre
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, June 2, 2018



J-F Nadeau (Montreal)
La Tourbière

An actor and atypical artist, creator of shows that are well-considered, playful and always unsettling, J-F Nadeau is a cinema and communications graduate of UQAM (1998) who also studied at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal (2002).

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Stéfan Boucher (Montreal)
La Tourbière

The very versatile Stéfan Boucher has a B.A. in musical performance from McGill University (1991).

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