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Sarah Dell'Ava

In the heart of the city, some twenty dancers weave a filter for our daily agitations. The gestures and songs that emerge are delicate, mysterious, sometimes wild. What if dance could repair the living?


In the heart of the city, O2 forms a peaceful oasis. The dancers gathered around the choreographer Sarah Dell’Ava weave a screen, filtering out our daily agitations. Using the sky and urban greenery as a theatrical backdrop, they allow time to settle differently, and poetry to emerge. 

Brought together over the past several years by a regular practice of movement, this intergenerational community shows remarkable endurance. For six hours, the thirty performers repeat cycles of spontaneous observation and invention. Their gestures and songs arise from deep inside their beings—enigmatic, and at times wild. The treasures they gather within become danced offerings, and later morph into poems, created, written out and shared directly on location. This delicate ritual of gratitude is endlessly renewed, extending into a celebration of the present and begging the question: what if dance could mend the living?   


Produced by Berceurs du temps 
Choreographed by Sarah Dell’Ava in collaboration with the dancers 
Performed by Kerwin Barrington + Pierre Bastien + Gabrielle Bertrand-Lehouillier + Mélusine Bonillo + Ariane Boulet + Émilie Cardu-Beauquier + Matéo Chauchat + Annabelle Chouinard + Céline Cossette + Geneviève Dussaul + Matteo Esteves + Lila Geneix + Meriem Ferkli + Marijoe Foucher + Madeleine Guastavino + Chloe Hart + Solène Kojtych + Marie Jodoin + Luce Lainé + Céline Laquerre + Hélène Messier + Marine Morales-Casaroli + Marie Mougeolle + Caroline Namts + Léa Noblet di Ziranaldi + Nelly Paquentin + Claire Pearl + Maggie Sauvé + Suzanne Tisdale + Marie-Claude Roy + Cara Roy + Richard Trottier + Shaliyshah Yisrael + Azaryah Yisrael + Hezekyah Yisrael + Yeremyah Yisrael + Amaryah Yisrael + Shemyah Yisrael + Maya Zebeir 
Dramaturgy Ilya Krouglikov 
Music Annabelle Chouinard 
Paper nests Pierre Bastien 

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques 
With the support of Ville de Montréal – Arrondissement de Ville-Marie 

Co-presented by Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles 

Written by Jessie Mill 
Translated by Luba Markovskaia 


© Ilya Krouglikov

Sarah Dell'Ava (Montreal)
Berceurs du temps

A native of Geneva and a Montrealer by adoption, the choreographer Sarah Dell’Ava espouses a unifying definition of dance as a profound conduit for humanity.

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