Clowns have their own very special way ot understanding and experiencing situations, and Omer is a clown. He likes to live dangerously, without a safety net, acting out fragments from daily life common to everybody.


The play, a sequence of six scenes, uses gestures, music and madness to take the spectator into the universe of the clown. In the tradition of the circus clown, Charlie Chaplin and many others, OMER VEILLEUX invites us to witness his merciless combat against himself. In the park, factory, street or bar, anything may happen comical adventures or a tragic fate.

As playwright, actor and director, Yves Dagenais gives a masterful performance in OMER VEILLEUX.


By Yves Dagenais
Directed by Yves Dagenais
Co-produced by the Théâtre Les Gens d’en Bas and Les Productions Omer Veilleux