© Andy Jones

Out of the Bin

From Newfoundland comes a king of comedy, a variegated, almost clown-like character equipped with nothing but a bed and a garbage can.


Andy Jone’s one-man show is a pot-pourri ot some of his best characters and skits from previous shows: Andy Jones himself, an actor lost in St.John’s Newfoundland; Valentine Reardigan, kidnapped by gypsies while selling hockey tickets outside an arena; traditionalist Father Dinn and his evangelical opponent, Reverend Freep; the settler John Fourmile; the whimsical Ricardo Reardon and the priceless American Senator Goodbar, on a mission to seize control of Newfoundland’s oil by deporting all the islanders to a replica of St. John’s in the Arizona desert built by the Walt Disney Company!!!

Outrageous and provocative, Jones excels in the art of caricaturing some of English Canada’s accents and stereotypes. Andy Jones is awful, nasty and hilarious in OUT OF THE BIN.


By Andy Jones
Directed by Charlie Thompson