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nora chipaumire

A liberated rock star of dance originally from Zimbabwe, nora chipaumire proclaims via punk, pop and rumba the urgent need for liberation with an epic and invigorating triptych.


She summons the audience, shakes them up and provokes them almost insolently, fuelled by revolt and a desire to abolish class structures and taboos. A liberated rock star of dance originally from Zimbabwe, the New York choreographer nora chipaumire overturns relations based on domination and exploitation with #PUNK 100% POP *N!GGA, an electrifying triptych that flirts between trance and ritual.

Chanting slogans, quoting her idols Patti Smith, Grace Jones and the Congolese singer Rit Nzele, chipaumire proclaims via punk, pop and rumba the urgent need for liberation. A frenetic concert, this three-part manifesto opens up a festive space of rebellion, tearing down walls between blacks and whites. Inspired by her own history, the performer invites the crowd to be as one with her fiery musicians, dancers and DJs in an impassioned song of protest. Epic and invigorating.


Produced by nora chipaumire
Concept, Choreography, Performance, Text, Light Design, Sound and Costume Design nora chipaumire
Performed by Atiyyah Khan + Kris Lee + Antoni Mantorski-Barczuk + Shamar Watt + Austin Williamson
Sound Direction Antoni Mantorski-Barczuk
Technical Direction Heidi Eckwall
Set Design Ari Marcopoulos + Kara Walker + Matt Jackson Studio
Booking Thomas O. Kriegsmann – ArKtype
Company Management Leonie Wichmann

Co-produced by The Kitchen (New York) + Crossing the Line Festival (New York) + Quick Center for the Arts at Fairfield University
With the support of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès (Paris) within the framework of the New Settings Program (100% POP) + Guggenheim Foundation (New York) + NYSCA (New York) + Institute for Creative Arts at the University of Cape Town + Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation (Baltimore) + American Dance Abroad

Creative Residencies Lincoln Center Atrium Series (New York) + Gibney’s Dance in Process program (New York) with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in partnership with JACK + Stephen Petronio Residency Center (New York) + Bates Dance Festival (Lewiston) + University of Richmond Theater and Dance Department+ Operaestate Festival – Bassano del Grappa + Brooklyn Academy of Music + Miami Light Project + Sarah Lawrence College (New York)

Presented in association with Théâtre ESPACE GO

Written by Elsa Pépin
Translated by Neil Kroetsch 

#PUNK premiered at Crossing the Line Festival (New York) on September 14, 2017, 100% POP premiered at Let’s Dance International Frontiers (Leicester) on April 29, 2018, *N!GGA premiered with the trilogy at Crossing the Line on October 11, 2018.


© Elise Duval

nora chipaumire (Mutare + New York)

Born and raised in Mutare, Zimbabwe and now living in New York, the choreographer and star of the contemporary New York scene Nora chipaumire, has been questioning assumptions and overturning stereotypes of Africa, black bodies, identity and aesthetics since 1998.

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