ERT- Compagnia Pippo Delbono

It was in a small bookshop in a country without books that Pippo Delbono discovered the autobiography of Harold Brodkey, an American novelist who died of AIDS.


In that book left behind on that journey, he discovered his own journey, his own story. That encounter became the source of inspiration for Questo buio feroce (The Wild Darkness). Onstage, his troupe of magnificent actors — including Nelson the beggar, the deaf-and-dumb Bobo who was kept in a psychiatric hopsital for more than 40 years, and Gianluca, who is afflicted with Down’s syndrome They accompany Pippo, who evokes death and suffering. He is the survivor of all mourning and grief, of all sickness and disease, ardently embracing life. Bizarre, beautiful tableaux unfold, veering from funereal whirling to a strange carnival and dancing that is wild and weird, until the ultimate, sublime triumph of death. “It is an explosion. A rock concert. A catharsis. A revolt.” The spectator leaves this wild darkness as though waking from an initiatory dream, desire and passion more than ever on the alert.


Conceived and directed by : Pippo Delbono

With : Dolly Albertin, Gianluca Ballare, Raffaella Banchelli, Bobò, Pippo Delbono, Lucia Della Ferrera, Ilaria Distante, Gustavo Giacosa, Simone Goggiano, Mario Intruglio, Nelson Lariccia, Julia Morawietz, Gianni Parenti, Pepe Robledo 

Set Design : Claude Santerre

Lighting Design : John Robert Resteghini (creation), Orlando Bolognesi

Sound : Angelo Colonna

Scenery and Costumes realized in the laboratories of Théâtre de la Place- Liège 

Production : Compagnia Pippo Delbono (Italie)

Coproduction : ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (Italie), Teatro di Roma (Italie), Festival delle Colline Torinesi (Italie), Théatre de la Place Lièges (Belgique), Thétre du Rond Point Paris (France), TNT Théatre National de Toulouse Midi – Pyrénées (France), Maison de la Culture d’Amiens (France), Le Merlan Scène Nationale de Marseille (France), Le Fanal Scène Nationale de Saint Nazaire (France).

With the support of Institut Culturel Italien de Montréal

In association with Usine C

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Gianluigi Di Napoli