© Joseph Aznar


Alvaro Restrepo

On the floor, a circle, lines, a clay vase and a naked body painted red and black. Synthesis of human and animal, in turn primitive, contemporary, sensual, meditative and vegetative, the body changes, becomes tree, becomes mineral…


A ritual poem in tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca, Rebis evokes and suggests, but does not illustrate. This fundamentally sensorial dance draws on ancient myths for its lunar images combining enveloping warmth and triumphal eroticism. It also borrows from alchemy: “Rebis”, meaning duality and representing the fusion of the two opposing principles that govern the universe, evokes the philosopher’s stone, the regenerative egg. Inner monologue, sacred chant and secret ceremony, Rebis, suffused with androgyny, moves seamlessly between sun and shadow, between quivers of the skin and the hidden regions of the subconscious.


Conceived and performed by Alvaro Restrepo