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Romance ain’t dead, 2Fik!


On the dating site, the multidisciplinary artist embodies 100 characters, all of whom burn with an ardent desire. The public is invited to interact with them. A game of love and chance, in the era of avatars.


After enchanting audiences with his zany and caustic reinterpretation of the legend of La Chasse-galerie in 2016, multidisciplinary artist 2Fik returns to the FTA. A wizard of transformation, he designs his own dating app and flamboyantly embodies a hundred different profiles, each with their own physical characteristics, ideas of love, expectations, and sexual criteria. Choose your own potential partner! 

2Fik explores the vagaries of romance in the digital age. Though they are designed to make people feel less isolated, these apps instead tend to discard differences, refusing bodily diversity, and formatting human beings, leaving them as lonely as ever. The performer alternates between humour and cruelty, wavering between fantasy and reality, and becomes the master of a role-playing game that questions the dynamics of seduction at play in the age of dating apps.  The performance lasts eight days, and for over seven hours daily, 2Fik simultaneously chats with several audience members and goes on to meet them. You can choose to be the seducer or the seduced, a participant or a mere witness. Love in the age of profile pics. 

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Produced by Toufik With a Two
Created and performed by 2Fik
Set Design Max-Otto Fauteux
Lighting Design Paul Chambers
Sound Design Jérôme Guilleaume
Characters’ movements Mélanie Demers
Executive Producer Natalie Dion
Production Manager Jeanne Gosselin
Technical Director Catherine Moisan
Video Design and Creative Programming Hugues Caillères (HUB Studio)
Creative Programming Assistant Raphael Baron

Digital application silverorange
Lead Developer Charles Waddell
Design Lead/Developer Jacky Gilbertson
Developers Cornelius Smith + Malena Andrade
App Development Design Nick Burka
Technical Advisor Mike Gauthier
Design Advisor Steven Garrity
Project Contact Isa Grant
Project Manager Clare Raspopow

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques 
Developed with the support of National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund (Ottawa) 

The creation of this work was made possible with the support of all the donors of the Kickstarter campaign Romance À La 2Fik.

Presented in association with Place des Arts 

Written by Diane Jean
Translated by Luba Markovskaia + Jeff Moore

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, on June 2, 2021


© Albert Zablit

2Fik (Montreal)

At once artistic director, stage director, and model for his own works, 2Fik creates fictional realms where his likeness is multiplied and transformed to provide the illusion of a diverse and varied community.

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