© German Valencia

Rompe Candela

Palo Q'Sea

Eight gigantic animals, dancers, jugglers, comedians, masks, demons that subvert the order of the world, Death, the devil, an explosion of rhythms and of colours: direct from the Andes, a carnival enlivens our streets and our parks with the vibrant music of the Columbian coast.


Exploring the depths of the soul and rooting out the terrors against which it struggles, this collective exorcism celebrates dreams and liberty. For the pleasure of textures and the celebration of the senses, for the defiance of conformism and the restored sense of community, and for the contagious madness of these artists who invade the city with their marvelous excentricities, injecting all passersby who linger with the vitality that flows in their veins.


Collective creation in collaboration with the Service des loisirs et du développement communautaire de la Ville de Montréal