Yasmeen Godder

Regaining sensation, that raw emotion that makes us feel alive, is the remarkable mission that Yasmeen Godder has given to her five incredible dancers so that we can “escape from the deluge of information and the diktats of seduction in our societies.”


Like a geyser that ferociously spews forth shameful secrets, each movement seems to emerge from a deep impulse. Bodies adorned with the most unlikely objects are in a permanent state of destabilization. Ignoring conventions, the Israeli choreographer doesn’t care for demonstrations of aesthetics. Inspired by performance, her dance is convulsive, suspenseful, abstract and explicit. Consumed by an urgent need to find a way of connecting with the other, her dancers plunge headlong into seduction, complicity and power relations in an atmosphere of hilarious brutality and dark humour.Achusheeling, the title of the piece in Hebrew, is a slang term meaning Wow!, an exclamation of surprise and bedazzlement. Yasmeen Godder and her dancers offer a search for the authentic and administer a powerful antidote to the insentient stupor of the modern soul.


Concept, Direction, Choreography : Yasmeen Godder

Dramaturgy : Itzik Giuli

In collaboration with the performers : Inbal Aloni, Ilaya Shalit, Eran Shanny Tsuf Itschaky, Shuli Enosh

Set Design : Oren Sagiv

Lighting Design : Tamar Or

Costume Design : Inbal Lieblich

Coproduction: Festival Montpellier Danse 2008 (France), Hebbel am Ufer Theatre (Allemagne), The Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance and Theater (Israël)

With the support of Consulat Général d’Israël à Montréal

In association with Place des Arts

Text: Isabelle Poulin

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Tamar Lamm