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© Phile Deprez

So You Can Feel

Pieter Ampe

A man’s body offered to an audience. Sensual, shameless, tinged with fantasy, this solo by Pieter Ampe goes straight to the heart. An ode to desire, to emancipation.


Reinventing Desire

Bold and subversive, Pieter Ampe personifies ardour and liberty, strength and fragility. A man capable of mischief and indecency, one who displays his deepest secrets, his intimate self. Three years after the memorable duo Still Standing You (FTA, 2011), the Flemish performer and choreographer makes an impressive return with an irresistible, iconoclastic solo.

An ode to the infinite power of the body and the gaze, So You Can Feel unsettles and tugs at the heart as it puts naked desire on parade. From the strutting rooster to striptease by way of seduction and lewd dancing, Pieter Ampe tests, flirts with and courts the audience. Armed only with his body, at first timidly exposed and then blatantly emancipated in an obscene sensuality, the dancer is nude and at ease. From a steady, intimidating gaze to virile or sexy poses borrowed from magazines, Ampe plays with sexual stereotypes, plunging straight to the heart of fragile humanity in a rich pageant of emotions. Very moving.


Produced by CAMPO
Created and performed by Pieter Ampe
Music Jakob Ampe
Outside eyes Jakob Ampe + Pol Heyvaert + Laura Eva Meuris + Femke Platteau
Coaching Alain Platel + Sarah Thom

Co-produced by Moving In November (Helsinki) + Kaaitheater (Brussels) + Bit Teatergarasjen (Bergen)
Presented in association with Théâtre Prospero

Premiered at Moving in November, Helsinki, November 1, 2014


© Bart Stadnicki

Pieter Ampe (Ghent)

The Flemish dancer and choreographer Pieter Ampe enjoys a prolific international career, collaborating with other artists while continuing to create his own forceful works.

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