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Solo 70

Paul-André Fortier, Étienne Lepage

To dance, to dance again and as before, obstinately. The choreographer Paul-André Fortier, 70 years old, is affected and shaped by a procession of pernicious muses in this unsettling “fake solo”.


The different ages of man merge as one, in step with the times or not. At age 70, the choreographer Paul-André Fortier fills the entire stage, incarnating with brio the burden of the ageing body. In this ultimate work by Fortier Danse-Création he is immortal, affected and shaped by a procession of pernicious muses, collaborators born long after his birth. Founded in 1981, the company is taking its final bow, passing on to younger generations his impressive dance heritage.

Solo 70 is the ordeal of a solitary traveller keen to be destabilized by new idols, other temptations. To dance, to dance again and as before, obstinately, but to the punk guitar of Jackie Gallant, the visual interventions of Marc Séguin and the confessions of the writer Étienne Lepage, whispered or shouted by the fiery Étienne Pilon. An unsettling fake solo that includes the presence of agents provocateurs and crazed companions. I will dance alone, yet you will invade me.


Produced by Fortier Danse-Création
Directed by Paul-André Fortier + Étienne Lepage
Choreographed by Paul-André Fortier
Written by Étienne Lepage
Performed by Paul-André Fortier + Jackie Gallant + Étienne Pilon
Music Jackie Gallant
Lighting Design Jock Munro
Set Design Marc Séguin
Costume Design Denis Lavoie
Video HUB Studio — Thomas Payette + Hugues Caillère
Sound Jean-François Gagnon
Assistant Choreographer and Rehearsal Director Ginelle Chagnon
Technical and Production Director (creation) Karyne Doucet-Larouche  

Co-produced by Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse (Paris) + Festival TransAmériques + CanDance Creation Fund) + Centre national des Arts (Ottawa) + Agora de la danse (Montreal) + Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver)

Presented in association with Agora de la danse + Tangente

This work is dedicated to Gilles Savary and to the members of the Board of directors of Fortier Danse-Création Robert L. Archambault + Louise Déry + Michèle Febvre + Danielle Gervais + Patrick Masbourian

Premiered at Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse, Paris, on May 23, 2018


© Hugo Glendinning

Paul-André Fortier (Montreal)
Fortier Danse-Création

A dancer, choreographer and teacher, Paul-André Fortier plays a major role in Quebec contemporary dance.

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© Lucie Desrochers

Étienne Lepage (Montreal)
Fortier Danse-Création

Étienne Lepage quickly made a name for himself on the theatre scene with his impetuous vigour and the intensity of his writing.

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