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© Kamissa Ma Koïta

Survival Technologies

Kamissa Ma Koïta , Elena Stoodley ,

Kamissa Ma Koïta and Elena Stoodley lead the latest creation from PME-ART. Concerned by artificial intelligence, they turn to dance—the ultimate tool of resistance and emancipation with a radically joyful approach.


Borrowing from the art of the griot and palaver circles, multidisciplinary artists Kamissa Ma Koïta and Elena Stoodley stage a performative assembly that rallies the power of an entire village. Concerned by artificial intelligence and its impacts, they turn to ancestral technologies with a radically joyful approach. In the centre of the circle, a battle unfolds between the machine, symbol of western progress, and dance—the ultimate tool of resistance and emancipation.

This latest work from the multidisciplinary group PME-ART provides a platform for powerful voices. Koïta and Stoodley, Quebec artists of Malian and Haitian background respectively, have both experienced uprooting, but they also share a profound, jubilant connection to traditional dances transmitting ancestral knowledge. Through a stream of images and songs in Bambara, Creole and French, Survival Technologies issues an appeal to end violence and let joy reign.


Produced by PME-ART
Co-Creator, Director, Sound Design, Performer Elena Stoodley
Co-Creator, Visual Creator Kamissa Ma Koïta
Set and Lighting Co-Design Paul Chambers
Assistant Set and Lights- Jordana Natale
Video content Co-Design and Interactive Art Design Bay Dam
Performer, Cultural Consultant Jean Durandisse
Performer, Dance Consultant and Costume Design Michèle Jean Jacques
Performer and Dance Consultant Sophia Gaspard
Percussionist and Cultural Consultant Karl-Henry Brézault
Artistic Consultants Dana Michel + Karla Étienne
Artistic Facilitator, Dramaturgy Assistant Jacob Wren
Artistic contribution Sonia Hughes
Producer Sylvie Lachance
Technical Director Vladimir Cara
Production Manager Becks Lefranc

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques + Forum Freies Theater (Düsseldorf) + Festspillene i Nord-Norge (Harstad)
Developed with the support of National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund (Ottawa)

Presented in association with Agora de la danse + Tangente

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, on May 30, 2024

Written by Fabien Marcil
Translated by David Dalgleish


© Claudel Desir

Kamissa Ma Koïta (Montreal)

Kamissa Ma Koïta’s practice incorporates performing the Indigenous West African knowledge of her ancestors; through her performative re-enactments, she seeks to tap into a redemptive power.

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© Noire Mouliom

Elena Stoodley (Montreal)

Elena Stoodley is a multidisciplinary artist whose work includes singing, sound art, and writing. She has performed her music for international audiences, notably in Cameroon and the Congo.

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© Genevieve Perrault

PME-ART (Montreal)

By handing over the reins, PME-ART is pursuing its mission of creating hybrid artistic objects that always allow people to express themselves in a genuine and unique way.

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