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© Angelo Barsetti

Tableau final de l’amour

Angela Konrad , Larry Tremblay

A scenic adaptation of Larry Tremblay’s passionate novel, between agony and ecstasy, based on the life and work of Francis Bacon.


A gesture of feverish tenderness

Suspended in a space between death and creation, a spectral dialogue unfolds. A flamboyant Benoît McGinnis slips into the skin of Francis Bacon, the painter, to tell or perhaps exorcise the story of his visceral artistic drives and tumultuous relationship with his lover, George Dyer, who succumbed to suicide in 1971. In Larry Tremblay’s fierce retelling of their story, love is locked in a merciless battle.

Directed by Angela Konrad, this powerful adaptation of the novel Tableau final d’amour [Love’s Last Tableau] delves deep into the decay of movement, love, and sex. It is also a theatre of fantasy, of the likes only Francis Bacon, who explored the fine line between flesh and meat, could inspire. Tremblay’s intrepid writing summons the liminal aspects of the human condition, between agony and ecstasy.


Produced by LA FABRIK
Written and adapted by Larry Tremblay
Directed by Angela Konrad
Performed by Samuël Côté + Benoît McGinnis
Assistant Director William Durbau
Set and Lighting Design Hugo Dalphond
Video Alexandre Desjardins
Sound Design Simon Gauthier
Set Design Assistant Chloé Depommier
Production Director Jacinthe Nepveu
Administrative Director Charlie Julien
Surtitles translation Donald Winkler
Surtitles Operator Samuel Tétreault

Premiered at Usine C, on Mai 18, 2023

Presented in association with Usine C

Written by Ralph Elawani
Translated by Rebecca Rustin


© Angelo Barsetti

Angela Konrad (Montreal)

Angela Konrad is a director and renowned theatre artist. Her work mines the potential in both classic and contemporary texts. Readily transgressing stage conventions, she directs performers with laser precision.

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© Charles Briand

Larry Tremblay (Montreal)

Novelist, playwright, director, essayist, poet, and Kathakali specialist Larry Tremblay is a major figure in Quebec letters. His works interrogate psychic and social violence, informed by a concept of anatomie ludique [« playful anatomy »] he developed himself. Translated into more than twenty languages, they have been staged from Bucarest to Mexico City.

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