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The Black Piece

Ann Van den Broek

Darting from absolute darkness to harsh bright light, Ann Van den Broek orchestrates a choreographed journey that evokes the magic of film noir. An extreme sensory adventure. Brilliant.


Black is Beautiful

An anthropologist of our most archaic instincts and urges, the Belgian-Dutch artist Ann Van den Broek examines the intimate fibers of our fascination with darkness. She ventures deep into dubious spheres, moving from total darkness to harsh, piercing light in this choreographed journey that evokes the shadowy world of film noir. An extreme sensory adventure.

A rising gust of wind, hasty footsteps, the sweat of fear. An extreme close-up of a panicked face lacerates the night-time. Avoiding the gaze of the camera, the dancer returns to the shadows. A flashlight suddenly reveals an intimate encounter. A wisp of a dream is traced on skin. Fear slithers into eroticism, into dream fantasy as we journey into the outer limits of the symbolism of black. Light floods the space, highly charged bodies become incantations and then are masked in another blackout. The senses are in turmoil and the imagination atingle, nourished by the undertow of this mysterious dance of darkness. Strong sensations, haunting images. Brilliant.


Produced by WArd/waRD
Concept, choreography and costume design Ann Van den Broek
Performed by Louis Combeaud + Ferhat Günes + Frauke Mariën + Nik Rajšek + Emma Seresia + other performers
Live camera Thorsten Alofs
Lighting design Bernie van Velzen
Music composer Arne Van Dongen
Vocal performance Gregory Frateur
Set design Ann Van den Broek + Bernie van Velzen

Created with the support of Performing Arts Fund NL (The Hague) + Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Amsterdam)
Co-produced by ccBerchem (Antwerp) + Korzo producties (The Hague)

Presented by Infopresse with the support of Performing Arts Fund NL

Premiered at ccBerchem, Antwerp, June 14, 2014


Anvers + La Haye

Ann Van den Broek (Antwerp + Rotterdam)

Fully committed to choreography after a rewarding career as a dancer, Ann Van den Broek challenges conventions both social and aesthetic. The focus of her research is human behaviour which she clinically dissects, extracting deep emotions, be they luminous or very dark.

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