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The Dragonfly of Chicoutimi – 1995

Larry Tremblay

The play has an exceptional actor in Jean-Louis Millette who portrays constraint and abandon, distance and intimacy, casually revealing layer upon layer of the complex reality of a world and a life. Alone on stage, he draws us into a strange and troubling odyssey.


Overnight, a man imprisoned for almost forty years in a devastating muteness recovers the use of language. In a “borrowed” language, one that dreams English more than speaking it, Gaston Talbot moves upstream along his secret river, playing with approaches, points of attack, vipers’ nests. Once the pieces of his broken angel are glued back together, he emerges in a striking identity. This solitary tragedy resonates with collective redemption and brings to life a Québécois figure never before seen or heard.


Written and directed by
Larry Tremblay

Co-produced by
Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui
Festival de théâtre des Amériques