©David Cooper

The Real Talking People Show

From Vancouver, a nosy show that eavesdrops on private conversations on the beach, in the street, in bars restaurants and laundromats, at bus stops, etc. It all adds up to THE REAL TALKING PEOPLE SHOW, 90 minutes of private talk caught in passing by the tape recorders of Tamahnous members.


The chessboard that fills the stage is in fact a huge jack-inthe-box that unexpectedly disgorges an eclectic assortment of characters and situations at a hectic rate. In scenes ranging from pure comedy to stark drama, human experiences are portrayed in words and images, at times harsh, often funny. Familiar figures fill the chessboard: two men and a woman discussing sexuality; a lonely Native woman; the inevitable tourists; a young girl crying; two dynamic, sporty young executives in their ritual jogging around Stanley Park.

Tamahnous swears that all the material used in this musicai satire on human communications is stricily authentic. THE REAL TALKING PEOPLE SHOW: the discreet charm of indiscretion.


A collective production by the Tamahnous Theatre
Directed by Larry Lillo