In 1898, Majan Robertston wrote a novel about a steamship much, much bigger than any that had yet been built. He launched it on its maiden voyage filled with rich and peaceful passengers. During that first trip, it struck an iceberg and sunk on a cold April night.


In 1985, Jean-Pierre Ronfard, Gilles Maheu and forty other participants invite you to a new celebration of the epic story of the Titanic. It’s spring. The night is calm. The sea is smooth. Then towards midnight, catastrophe strikes. But does it only engulf the Titanic? April 1912 was not that long before August 1914, and the roaring ’20s led straight to Black Thursday 1929 and beyond to the bloody orgy of 1939- 45, with its twin pinnacles of horror: Auschwitz and Hiroshima. And after that came Korea, Budapest, Vietnam, Prague, Warsaw, Tehran…

Humanity seems destined to a tragic and grotesque fate… Ceaselessly lulled by the appearance of calm, always astonished when the inevitable irrupts. The night the Titanic went down: A night to remember…


By Jean-Pierre Ronfard
Directed by Gilles Maheu