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Tom Na Fazenda

Michel Marc Bouchard, Rodrigo Portella

Theatre of mud and blood that tarnishes and magnifies bodies. A moving illustration of the tragic grandeur of Michel Marc Bouchard’s masterpiece.


A rare opportunity to witness the urgency with which artists in another country have seized hold of a Quebec play. In Brazil, where the number of gay people murdered is the highest in the world, Tom at the Farm by Michel Marc Bouchard resonates with tremendous force. Bodies – sovereign, sensual, dangerous – proclaim with insolent frankness that the aim is not merely to deny their existence but to destroy them.

After the death of his lover, Tom – urbane, sophisticated, devastated – makes his way to a rural community for the funeral. There he discovers that the mother knows nothing about him or about her dead son’s love life, and that a brother knows everything but suppresses the truth with astounding violence. On the farm, lying is the foremost condition for survival. Blood and mud (the raw material behind the origins of the universe) tarnish words and magnify bodies transfigured by emotion, revealing the universal tragic grandeur of this necessary piece.


Produced by Galharufa Produções
Written by Michel Marc Bouchard
Translated into Portuguese by Armando Babaioff
Directed by Rodrigo Portella
Performed by Armando Babaioff + Kelzy Ecard + Camila Nhary + Gustavo Vaz
Set Design Aurora dos Campos
Lighting Design Tomás Ribas
Costume Design Bruno Perlatto
Music Marcello H. performed by Marcello H. + Jr Tostoi
Executive Producer Milena Monteiro
Original Concept ABGV Produções Artísticas

Physical Coaching Lu Brites
Choreographed by Toni Rodrigues
Visual Programming Bruno Dante
Technician Assistant and Social Medias Egídio La Pasta
Hair Ezequiel Blanc
Set Designer Assistant Manu Libman
Costumes Assistant Luísa Marques
Production Assistant Pri Helena
Production Director Silvio Batistela + Sérgio Saboya
Executive Producer Milena Monteiro
Original Concept ABGV Produções Artísticas

Presented by Fugue
in association with Maison Théâtre

Written by Paul Lefebvre
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Oi Futuro Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, on March 23, 2017


© Julie Perreault

Michel Marc Bouchard (Rio de Janeiro)

One of the most important voices in Quebec theatre and the author of some twenty plays, Michel Marc Bouchard plays a major international role thanks to his masterfully constructed plays that explore the homosexual condition in passionate dramas where mythology and history are often evoked.

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© Fabio Alcover

Rodrigo Portella (Portella)

Renowned for forceful directing rich in discomfiting symbolic elements, Rodrigo Portella has directed eighteen works for the stage.

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