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UNFOLD | 7 perspectives

Danièle Desnoyers

Danièle Desnoyers tests the resistance of the body and the limits of balance. Magnetic and powerful, UNFOLD /  7 perspectives captivates with its finesse and its furious energy.


The body opens up, closes shut, is short-circuited. The voice stammers, gasps, is fragmented. Trembling and falling off balance are all part of this three-stage piece for seven high-calibre dancers. Together they seek unison as they struggle in search of identity. Long known for her very fluid style, Danièle Desnoyers has chosen a new angle here as she plays with splintered movement and makes trembling visible. Echoes of fractured humans, body and voice broken, disintegrated.

Vibrating to the sounds and rough-edged music by the composer Ben Shemie, UNFOLD | 7 perspectives combines an apocalyptic atmosphere with moments of sweetness and refined sensuality. Making use of a surprising stage structure, Desnoyers tests the resistance of the body and the limits of balance. A powerful, magnetic duel between the forces at play in the dynamics of harmony, the piece captivates with its finesse and furious energy.


Produced by Le Carré des Lombes
Directed and choreographed by Danièle Desnoyers
Performed by Myriam Arseneault + Paige Culley + Jean-Benoit Labrecque-Gilbert + Louis-Elyan Martin + Milan Panet-Gigon + Nicolas Patry + Brontë Poiré-Prest
Music Ben Shemie
Set Design Geneviève Lizotte
Costume and Make-up Angelo Barsetti
Lighting Design Gonzalo Soldi / HUB Studio
Dramaturgy Guy Cools
Artistic Advisors Sophie Corriveau + Anne Thériault
Rehearsal Director Emmanuelle Bourassa-Beaudoin
Production Manager Martin Boisjoly
Technical and Lighting Director Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve
Sound Engineer Benoit Chaignon 
Dresser Ève-Lyne Dallaire
Videographic Documentation Marjorie de Chantal

Coproduction Festival TransAmériques
With the support of Faculté des arts + Département de danse de l’UQAM + Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture
Creative residencies Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity + Montpellier Danse – Agora, cité internationale de la danse + Armunia – Castello Pasquini (Castiglioncello) + Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique

Presented in association with Fonds GB

Written by Elsa Pépin
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, on May 30, 2019


Danièle Desnoyers (Montreal)
Le Carré des Lombes

Since founding her company Le Carré des Lombes in 1989, the Montreal choreographer Danièle Desnoyers has been actively involved in the emergence of new perspectives in Quebec dance.

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