Our Commitment to Future Generations

The world is changing with astounding speed. The planet is overheating. The disappearance of plant and animal species is met with callous indifference. And we humans, the source of this global warming, find it difficult to change our habits.

How can an international festival of contemporary theatre and dance help protect the well-being of the planet? What is the FTA doing to initiate a major shift in policy that will eventually allow it to neutralize its footprint? Here are a few initiatives from our 2019-21 Sustainable Development Plan, our commitment to do better.


an Eco-friendly Event

The FTA aims to improve its environmentally aware actions in five specific areas: waste management, the provenance of food and drinks, choice of suppliers, mobility of participants (FTA team, artists, guests) and the mobility of festivalgoers. In 2018 the Réseau des Femmes en environnement and its Quebec Council for Eco-responsible Events worked with the FTA to obtain BNQ 9700-253 certification as a producer of an environmentally responsible event.


Contribute to the
FTA Environmental
Responsibility Fund

Welcoming artists from abroad inevitably implies air travel. The FTA Environmental Responsibility Fund was created to reduce our carbon footprint by offsetting the impact of air travel by artists invited to the Festival. Donations are used to purchase Gold Standard carbon credits offered by Planetair, a non-profit leader in the fight against climate change. Planetair is recommended by Équiterre and the David Suzuki Foundation. You too can get involved! When you purchase tickets to the FTA, make a $1 donation per ticket to be paid to the Environmental Responsibility Fund.

In parallel, the FTA is committed to offsetting 100% of greenhouse gas emissions generated by air travel by its artistic team, i.e. 34 tonnes of CO2 in 2018-2019.

The FTA is also committed to offsetting part of the emissions generated by air travel by festivalgoers. In 2019,17 tonnes of CO2 were offset through the purchase of Educational Carbon Credits in the Scol’ERE educational project. Offered by Coop FA, this program involves more than 325 school classes across Quebec and pursues sustainable behavioural change as part of its efforts to combat climate change.


New Works

Coproducing new works is part and parcel of the FTA mandate, through his Co-production Fund. By investing in the creation of these performances, the Festival actively participates in the development of new work and encourages artists from here and elsewhere to pursue research and to see their ideas take concrete form. Since its inception in 1985 the FTA has co-produced more than 125 shows, and every year it invests over $100,000 in national and international co-productions.


Focus on Youth

Actively engaging with high school, college and university students over the past 30 years, the FTA has made a commitment to introduce young people to the arts by providing access and outreach activities to Quebec youth. Between 10 and 15% of tickets to all shows – even the most popular! – are set aside and offered at discount prices to students. With its Dance and Theatre Excursions for Students, the Festival has helped hundreds of adolescents and young adults develop critical thinking, aesthetic appreciation and creativity through exposure to outstanding performances and workshops led by guest artists.

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