Le porteur des peines du monde

“I am fighting for my brother who lives drunken and uprooted, like a wailing open wound… Show them what you have in your bag, Show them what burdens your soul.”


In an ominous urban setting, an old traveller prepares a space for an installation-performance of a rite of passage. Yves Sioui Durand has created a one-man show in nine scenes, built out of chants, dances and texts that combine ritual and modern stagecraft, reconciling the themes of the shaman tradition and the contemporary demands of North American Indians.

The props—flowers, seed grain, bowls of food, bow and arrows—are handled respectfully as symbols of original purity, and stand in opposition to the pollution and waste that reopen ecological wounds. The performance is both spiritual and dramatic. LE PORTEUR DES PEINES DU MONDE takes us to the “heart of this America that reawakens, rises from its ashes and begins to beat again, everywhere, simultaneously, like a giant drum.”


An outdoor show written and directed by Yves Sioui Durand.