© Normand Bastien

Ne blâmez jamais les Bédouins

Where can you find on a single stage: a hideous, short-sighted monster an Italian opera singer tied to the railway track, a young Teuton, two military trains on a collision course, a little Quebecois boy at the top of his class, helicopters, a battery of percussion instruments and a single actor—smack in the middle of nowhere in an Australian desert? In NE BLÂMEZ JAMAIS LES BÉDOUINS, that’s where.


This solo performance reveals a new writer, one of the best of the post-nationalist playwrights in Quebec theatre. For an hour-and-a-half, René-Daniel Dubois treats us to a non-stop dazzling performance in which he introduces us to twenty-two different characters. Delirium on stage NE BLÂMEZ JAMAIS LES BÉDOUINS.


By René-Daniel Dubois
Directed by Joseph Saint-Gelais