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Bia Lessa

Orlando is a young Englishman of the Elizabethan court. In a metamorphosis spun out over four centuries, he is gradually transformed into a woman. In the course of his constantly changing existence, in love with each passing moment, Orlando watches the world around him change: ivy covers the walls, electricity is harnessed as a source of power. He appreciates the pulse of life all the more acutely because his own identity is always dissolving and re-emerging in different forms.


Virginia Woolf’s fine novel ponders the circles of time and the dream of the complete human being — the androgyne of the myths, humanity freed from the past that would forever create itself in each instant, humanity that would be only movement, only freedom, only exquisite pleasure. On stage, the luminous poetry of shapes, bodies, rhythms, textures and costumes marking the passing of eras and places echoes the language of this fascinating work, written in infinite nuances of splendid prose. A hymn to the world and to those who inhabit it.


Adapted from a novel by Virginia Woolf Directed by Bia Lessa