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© Paul-Chambers, Sandra Lynn Belanger


Paul Chambers

In a performance space dominated by light, Paul Chambers establishes a porous boundary between matter and void, between heat and its absence, between wakefulness and sleep.


Lighting artist Paul Chambers offers an unconventional theatrical experience: in a timeless space flooded with light, he erects a permeable boundary between matter and emptiness, warmth and absence, sleep and wakefulness. Images come pouring in, gripping the senses. Time expands, reality bursts open. 

Light takes centre stage, as Chambers treats it as an essential component of the theatrical narrative. The setting is subtly altered through delicate manipulations. The phantom-like figure of a dancer occasionally comes to drink from the luminous spring. During this entrancing ceremony, Chambers invites audience members to blend into the phosphorescent matter, to sharpen their gaze. Some contemplative, others moving about, they either cross or observe, choosing to leave and to return as they please. A strange shift occurs, as the previously unknown territory becomes familiar. Meditative and hypnotic. 


Produced by CHA Collective 
Designed and directed by Paul Chambers  
Performance and Creation Collaborator Lael Stellick 
Performed by Angie Cheng + Dana Michel + Bettina Szabo
Performance and Rehearsal Director Annie Gagnon 
Sound Design Robin P. Gould 
Stage and Production Manager Chad Dembski 
Video Research Amelia Scott 
Outside Eye Ingrid Bachman + David-Alexandre Chabot 
Scenic Consultant Angela Rassenti 
Design Intern Tiffanie Boffa  

Creative Residencies La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines + Concordia University 
With the support of Festival TransAmériques + Parts+Labour_Danse 

Artistic Activators Amanda Acorn + Jon Cleveland + Kelly Jazvac + Maria Kefirova + Dorian Nuskind-Oder + Ola Pilatowski + Bettina Szabo + Sophia Wright  

Presented in association with Agora de la danse + Tangente 

Written by Diane Jean
Translated by Luba Markovskaia


Paul Chambers (Montreal)

As a visual artist and a lighting designer, Paul Chambers is increasingly interested in the idea of placing the visual concept at the forefront of the artistic endeavour, followed by the integration of other disciplines.

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