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Malicho Vaca Valenzuela

Malicho Vaca Valenzuela, an artist belonging to the rising Chilean generation, delves into the bowels of the Internet in a compelling and immersive experience that is part fairy tale, part documentary.


A Cartography of Emotions

With one click of the cursor pointing to his house on a map of Santiago, Malicho Vaca Valenzuela delves into the bowels of the Internet. From the alleyway where his family home has been nestled for the past four generations to various landmarks and unusual spots in the city, he travels back in time to long gone eras, repressed revolutions, and mysterious love stories. Interweaving personal and collective memory to form an immersive experience that is part fairy tale, part documentary, he makes a gentle and healing use of digital technologies.

A multidisciplinary artist from the rising Chilean generation, Vaca Valenzuela succeeds in creating an accessible and transformative art practically from scratch. Savoring the simple poetry of daily life, he incorporates his grandparents’ poignant presence into Reminiscencia. Broadcast live online and presented on stage by the narrator himself, the work brings us together beyond screens and enriches the performing arts with a compelling theatrical narrative.


Produced by Malicho Vaca Valenzuela
Dramaturgy and direction Malicho Vaca Valenzuela
Performed by Rosa Alfaro + Malicho Vaca Valenzuela + Lindor Valenzuela
Sound Design Raimundo Stivenson
Assistant Director, Tour Manager and Producer Ébana Garín Coronel
Co-produced by Centro Cultural M100 (Santiago de Chile)
Surtitles translation Olivier Sylvestre

Presented in association with La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines

Premiered at Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, on March 4, 2022

Written by Fabienne Cabado
Translated by Luba Markovskaia


© Patricio Rojas

Malicho Vaca Valenzuela (Santiago de Chile)
Le Insolente Teatre

Memory, body, land, and dissidence are at the heart of Malicho Vaca Valenzuela’s work. His grandparents who, in Reminiscencia, can be seen using music to trump Alzheimer’s disease, are the ones who first nicknamed him Malicho.

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