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© André Cornellier


Louise Lecavalier

Driven by a pressing need to dance, Louise Lecavalier attains the fullness of her art in a spirited solo that pulsates on the very margins of the intimate.


Driven by a vital impulse that always thrusts her back into the arena like a gladiator of the soul, Louise Lecavalier once again breathes new life into the primeval experience of dance. After the dazzling duets So Blue and Battleground, in this solo she journeys through a magnificent odyssey in search of her own truth.

In turn reflective, obsessive, animalistic and fluid, her hungering body seizes upon steps as if they were food for survival. With a nod to the four seasons and the cardinal points, she moves through the four stations of the piece, conquering her freedom within the far reaches of movement, between the bird and the elephant, the desire to soar yet also to remain anchored in the present. Giving shape to stories etched in her very flesh, each particle of her being expresses what is beyond words. In osmosis with the insistent drive of the music, a stunning Lecavalier attains the fullness of her art.


Produced by Fou glorieux 
Choreographed and performed by Louise Lecavalier 
Rehearsal Director and Artistic Assistant France Bruyère 
Music Station 1: Antoine Berthiaume (Body, original music), Station II: Colin Stetson (The Lure of the Mine), Station III: Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart (In Touch), Stations IV: Antoine Berthiaume (Quiet + Station finale, original music) + Colin Stetson (To See More Light, excerpt) + Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld (Neressimo) 
Musical Arrangements Antoine Berthiaume 
Lighting Design Alain Lortie 
Set Design Advisor Marc-André Coulombe 
Costumes Yso + Marilène Bastien 

Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques+ tanzhausnrw (Düsseldorf) + HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts (Dresden) + Harbourfront Centre, Performing Arts (Toronto) + Usine C + National Arts Centre (Ottawa) + SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs (Vancouver) + Diffusion Hector-Charland (L’Assomption + Repentigny) 
Creative Residencies Usine C + Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique 

Presented by La Presse in association with Place des Arts 

Team Fou glorieux 
Administration Cyrille Commer 
Coordination and Communications Anne Viau  
Stage managers François Marceau, Martin Lepage  
Booking Menno Plukker Theatre Agent 
Booking Europe Anne-LiseGobin  

Written by Anne Viau 
Translated by Neil Kroetsch 


© Massimo Chiaradia

Louise Lecavalier (Montreal)
Fou glorieux

The muse for La La Human Steps for some 20 years, Louise Lecavalier marked the imagination of an era with her radiant presence and her extraordinary physical daring.

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