© Michael Cooper

The Crackwalker

Urjo Kareda et Andy McKim

Young losers living an economic and emotional dead-end existence on the fringes of society. One of them a prostitute, another attracted to a petty crook who may have raped her friend…


The tension is soon heightened by a diffuse fear that borders on horror as it gradually dawns on us that the subject is infanticide. Cruel, gut-wrenching, funny and warm, this saga of the urban underworld is unflinching in its exploration of the darkest depths of our manias and obsessions. Judith thompson fractures syntax, uses body language, flushes out the poetry in the core of the permanent tornado that sweeps away her characters. Their nervous panting is without modesty, their spasms and protests are all both urgent and organic, every aspect of their behaviour is sounded with provocative audacity. From this fertile medium studded with lapses into dreams, a unique voice that accurately explores the furthest, most secret reaches of the human soul and the animal that lurks within it.


Written by Judith Thompson Directed by Urjo Kareda and Andy McKim