Denis Marleau

Kind and charitable, the Good Woman is a monster of selfishness who toys with her entourage, especially her nurse and companion Joanna, like a little girl playing with her dolls.


The Good Woman lost her legs in a car accident and recently married Boris, who’s chief quality is that he too has lost his legs. For his birthday, she organizes a party and invites thirteen legless cripples as guests. Fourteen years after the memorableMaîtres anciens, UBU has returned to the work of Thomas Bernhard with renewed fervour in this darkly humorous fable about power, hopelessness, hypocrisy and death. For Denis Marleau and the co-artistic director of the company Stéphanie Jasmin, it is also the pursuit of an extremely unique approach involving the animation of onstage effigies. The three actors, Christiane Pasquier, Guy Pion and Sébastien Dodge, are plunged into games of disguise and technological transformation, bringing to life a macabre, carnivalesque microcosm that reveals the twisted emptiness of a world where sense and meaning began to disappear long before God was declared dead.


Written by : Thomas Bernhard

French Text : Claude Porcell

Directed by : Denis Marleau

With : Christiane Pasquier, Guy Pion, Sébastien Dodge

Concept, Set Design and Video : Denis Marleau, Stéphanie Jasmin

Video Editing and Staging : Pierre Laniel

Music : Nicolas Bernier, Jérôme Minière

Sound Design : Nancy Tobin

Lighting Design : Marc Parent

Mannequin and Dolls : Claude Rodrigue

Costume Design : Isabelle Larivière

Hair Stylist & Make-Up Artist : Angelo Barsetti

Production: UBU (Montréal)

Coproduction : Festival d’Avignon (France), Festival TransAmériques, Usine C, le Manège Mons (Belgique), la Maison de la culture d’Amiens (France), l’Espace Jean Legendre Théâtre de Compiègne (France) et Cankarjev Dom (Slovénie).

Text: Paul Lefebvre

English Translation: Neil Kroetsch

Photos: Stéphanie Jasmin