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Violence, Marie Brassard © Marlène Gélineau-Payette


Marie Brassard

Exploring the deep as they search for glimpses of light, Marie Brassard and her Japanese collaborators conjure undreamt-of worlds in a surreal tale of astounding visual power.


Remembered words of a child muse written on a blackboard: « And chaos knocked on God’s door. » For Marie Brassard that sparks a plunge into the mystery of creation/destruction synergy. Giving free rein to the coincidences and shock waves of that union, she conjures up undreamt-of worlds in a surreal tale of astounding visual power.

In an elegant technological phantasmagoria, the threats of mankind and of nature merge in a series of glowering landscapes. Marie Brassard is assisted by her loyal team and by the creative voices of Japanese artists. Inspired by Ama, the Japanese women free-divers who harvest shellfish , they become here explorers of the deep in search of bursts of light. The hope of a new mythology where ancient and future worlds live side by side, opening up to a new horizon.


Produced by Infrarouge
Written, directed and performed by Marie Brassard
Sound Design and Live Music Alexander MacSween
Set Design and Stage Manager Antonin Sorel
Lighting Design Mikko Hynninen
Synthesized Images and Live Video Performance Sabrina Ratté
Images from Japan Editing Nicolas Dufour-Laperrière
Dramaturgy Advisor Morena Prat

Team in Japan
Performed by Miwa Okuno + Kyoko Takenaka
Video Shingo Ota
Choreographed by Miwa Okuno
Production Manager Moemi Nagi
Sound Technicians Takeshi Inamori + Hayato Ichimura

Production Team
Technical Direction Romane Bocquet + Catherine Fasquelle + Mateo Thébaudeau
Production and Tour Manager Anne McDougall 
Set Design Assistant and Head Technician Andrew de Freitas
Sound Manager Gabrielle Couillard
Lighting Manager Érik Nowosielski-Lamoureux
Video Technology Design Guillaume Arsenault

Original songs
Le temps des cerises Jean Baptiste Clément + Antoine Renard
Kaimono Boogie [Boogie]  Ryoichi Hattori 

Administrative Director Jacinthe St-Pierre
Coordination Catherine Sasseville
Tour Agent Menno Plukker

 Co-produced by Festival TransAmériques + Theater der Welt (Düsseldorf) + Théâtre français du Centre national des Arts (Ottawa) + Athens and Epidaurus Festival (Athens) + Usine C

Developed with the support of National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund (Ottawa)

Creative residencies Montevideo (Marseille) + Usine C + Vitlycke Center for Performing Art (Tanumshede) at the invitation of Göteborg Dance and Theatre Festival + Kinosaki International Art Centre + Saison-Morishita Studio (Tokyo)

Thanks to Marcello Spada & Cinema-Teatro Apollo (Bellaria) + Yokna Hasegawa

Presented by ARTV in association with Place des Arts

Written by Myriam-Stéphanie Perraton-Lambert
Translated by Neil Kroetsch

Premiered at Festival TransAmériques, Montreal, on May 27, 2021


© Minelly Kamemura

Marie Brassard (Montréal)

The actor, writer, director and founder of Infrarouge Marie Brassard is an alchemist of the stage.

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