© Maude Chauvin
© Maude Chauvin

Cities are seductive, mysterious. 

Each one has its own rhythm, cultivates its own unique style and ambience. New York, Paris, Vienna, Moscow and Berlin flamboyant capitals of art and the avant-garde where revolutionary artistic trends over the course of the last century changed the face of the world and our way of interpreting it.

Within that vast, civic constellation also lies planet Montreal, both a small town and a big city that fluctuates between audacity, mediocrity and beauty. Released not so long ago from the crushing yoke of Catholicism, it now reflects a je-ne-sais-quoi of liberty and curiosity, an attitude of being actively open to the other, at least I hope so.

The number of highly talented artists who live in Montreal producing art that resonates the world over is exceptional. Without these men and women contributing to our collective growth and development, we would not have embraced modernity some 50 years ago, would not be engaged today in a rich dialogue with the here and the now.

This 11th edition of the Festival TransAmériques pays tribute to a city where art inspires, instilling hope for a better tomorrow. In a world where walls we had thought demolished for good are being built once again, that is priceless.

Martin Faucher
Co-Executive Director and Artistic Director



© Sandrick Mathurin
© Sandrick Mathurin

Our driving passion is to pass the torch of great artists on to the public.

Welcoming outstanding dance and theatre artists to Montreal is a pleasure, something that we are not only proud to do, but find to be a necessity. The FTA is a celebration of the arts, but above all a spotlight focused on exceptional men and women, artists for whom the act of creation is an act of commitment and engagement.

Unquestionably, these artists incarnate the desire to go beyond what we know, to embrace the world. Each of their works is a call to openness, to encounters with the other, to imagination, to honing our critical gaze. The excellence on display is that of a perpetual quest, an in-depth inquiry into the world we live in, incisive performances with you the spectator a privileged witness.

In order for the FTA to become this magnificent event, we must be able to count on strong political will as well as the support of a large audience, generous donors, remarkable partners, an incredible team and devoted volunteers. Our sincere thanks to all of you.

Ladies and gentlemen, this 2017 edition is yours. Make it your relay race, your decathlon, your sprint, and get your friends, neighbours and relatives to join in.

A warm welcome to all of you!

David Lavoie
Co-Executive Director and Administrative Director