Martin Faucher
© Maude Chauvin

Life, Life

Our world should be filled with everything: trees, flowers, bees, moss, reeds. And love too. When we look up we should see flocks of richly coloured birds; their songs should soothe our ears with their sweetness, penetrate our hearts with grace. Shouldn’t the knowledge accumulated over the centuries have led us to the edge of harmony? And yet it’s raining plastic, bees are being wiped out. The glaciers are drifting, breaking apart.

Artists sense, artists feel. They see with courage and lucidity the state of our despoiled world. They are precious because they propose new ways of imagining. They open up unexpected perspectives, rebuild worlds, worlds that give birth to dreams. Where we might be petrified, they allow us to dance on the ruins of our chaos, often with joy.

This 14th edition of Festival TransAmériques takes place at the beginning of a new decade that will be crucial to humanity, now on the verge of collapse. This festival is a celebration, a respite that shakes up collective apathy. Standing together, united by art, we can do a lot. Let us use our strength.

To quote the renowned Peter Brook, Theatre is life. Be inspired by this dynamic 95-year-old artist. Let us engage with life, for the sky is still there, an astonishing marvel.

Enjoy the Festival!

Martin Faucher
Co-Executive Director and Artistic Director

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David Lavoie
© Maude Chauvin


It’s 2020. The planet appears to be more fragile than ever, the future uncertain, although still open to multiple possibilities. We must view the future differently. Humanely. Locally. Globally. In solidarity.

We are in Montreal. Here can be found not only long-rooted communities of writers, choreographers, directors and artists of indisputable talent, but also audiences that are open, attentive, curious. One implies the other. Together we have invented fertile terrain for artistic creation, and that is what stimulates a desire among artists in other countries to visit Montreal. They present works that turn preconceived notions upside down, art that can help us cope with the world to come and, in doing so, sharpen our critical thinking, our sense of aesthetics, our consciousness. That is what attracts, what motivates the Festival TransAmériques.

How can an international festival of theatre and dance make a difference? That question is constantly on our minds as the team assembles each springtime celebration, a highly anticipated annual event. In your hands you hold the fruits of inspired work that we wish to present, theatre and dance we hope will resonate near and far.

We sincerely salute our remarkable partners, government allies, sponsors and donors, for they have helped this major event to stay focused on its goals. We also extend a very warm welcome to all you festivalgoers, people who come from all walks of life. We cordially invite you to embrace art, and the world, during this festive fortnight!

David Lavoie
Co-Executive Director and administrative Director