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FTA Playground

Fridays at FTA

Empress Cissy Low + Sovann +
DJ Hermano + Rhythm & Hues

Come dance and party every Friday at FTA!

May 24
DJs Empress Cissy Low + Sovann

May 31

DJs DJ Hermano + Rhythm & Hues

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About the DJs

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Empress Cissy Low (Montreal)

Empress Cissy Low is a Montreal-based DJ with a passion for promoting pan-African culture through sound and movement.

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Sovann (Montreal)

Sovann Rochon-Prom, aka DJ Sovann, has been immersed in hip-hop culture since childhood, and especially loves nightlife and dance music.

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DJ Hermano (Montreal)

DJ Hermano hails from Brazil, and draws many of his musical influences from his native country.

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Rhythm & Hues (Montreal)

Parker Mah aka DJ Rhythm & Hues is a fourth-generation Chinese/Taishanese artist based in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal) whose multidisciplinary approach draws on jazz improvisation techniques and on oral history.

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