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KoutkeKout: Theatre in Haiti

Guy Régis Jr. + Joseph Hillel

Artists in Haiti continue to work—koutkekout (no matter what)! For 20 years, the Festival Quatre Chemins has been held in Port-au-Prince, serving as a hub of vitality and regeneration in a city faced with threats of all kinds. The event’s director, Guy Régis, Jr., will tell the story of this minor miracle in conversation with documentarian Joseph Hillel, who will punctuate the discussion with images captured during the shooting of his film Koutkekout.

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Guy Régis Jr. (Port-au-Prince + Paris)

Born in April 1974 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Guy Régis Jr. is a writer and director, and artistic director of the Festival 4 Chemins, one of the most high-profile artistic events in the French-speaking Caribbean and a highlight of the Port-au-Prince cultural calendar.

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Joseph Hillel (Montreal)

Born in Port-au-Prince, Joseph Hillel currently lives in Montreal. He has written, directed, and produced documentaries about art.

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