An FTA Playgrounds Series, FTA 2022


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Workshop – Dance


Malik Nashad Sharpe’s workshop will follow the process of getting ready to perform in a large stadium for millions – but in the imaginary.

Workshop – Theatre

Documentary Theatre

Adeline Rosenstein will share her unresolved questions, documents, and materials from this unique experimental research project.

Workshop – Dance

Danse à la carte – TransFormation

Six choreographers offers a plunge into their approach to dance creation.


Tales of the Dramaturges

Our dramaturges will talk about their work in progress, their concerns, and their creative urges.


Thinking Together: The Extended Community of the FTA Clinics

This discussion will retrace the development of the questions and the collective impulses that drive it.

One-on-one Conversation

Private Consultations

Take part in a conversation with no pressing production imperatives, an opportunity to take a step back so you can move forward with purpose.


Thinking about Eco-Friendly Costumes

Artists from various backgrounds propose actions to change our modes of consumption and create differently.


Philanthropic Picnic

In a relaxed atmosphere, focaccia in hand, come and discuss the question of engaging with communities, which is more essential than ever in the cultural sector.


Producing Art in Latin America: Transformative Spaces

In the heart of Santiago, Lima, and São Paulo, artists and professionals are developing different ways to engage in dialogue.


Linda Brunelle. A Portrait.

This extraordinary creator will talk about her career with archival materials, excerpts from shows, and testimonials from her collaborators.