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Technical Directors in the Spotlight

Anne-Sara Gendron + Claudie Gagnon +
Audrey Belzile + Rébecca Brouillard +
Alex Gendron

“Without a technical director, don’t even try it!” TDs are essential to all shows during FTA and the entire cultural season. The role of these professionals may be hard for the audience to grasp, but they share secrets, practices, and knowledge among themselves, regardless of allegiance and experience. Now, TDs, the stage is yours! 

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Anne-Sara Gendron (Montreal)

A scriptwriter, lighting designer, stage manager, and creative and tour technical director, Anne-Sara Gendron is passionate about space as a site of representation.

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Claudie Gagnon (Montreal)

Claudie Gagnon is technical director of the Festival TransAmériques, to which she brings her expertise since 2019

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Audrey Belzile (Montreal)

Audrey Belzile is Assistant Technical Director at Festival TransAmériques.

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Rébecca Brouillard (Montreal)

Rébecca Brouillard graduated from the Stage Production program at the École de théâtre du Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe.

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Alex Gendron (Montreal)

Alex Gendron is technical director of Espace Go since 2016.

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