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Decolonial Love Circle

Amel Zaazaa + Karla Étienne

“If I must die, let it bring hope.”
“إذا كان لا بد أن أموت فليأ ِِت موتي بالأمل”

Refaat Alareer


Founded by Amel Zaazaa, the Decolonial Love Circle offers a space for decolonial reflection and practices to descendants of colonized peoples, activists, thinkers, and agitators from all walks of life engaged with contemporary political issues. It’s also a space for collective healing from the systemic violence experienced by racialized women and non-binary individuals and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people who live in the various unceded Indigenous lands commonly referred to as Canada.

As a gesture of hospitality, for once the circle – in the context of a carte blanche from FTA – is open to all, aiming to promote in-depth consideration of the issues and build decolonial alliances and communities.

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Amel Zaazaa (Tio’tià:ke)

A decolonial feminist activist, author, and speaker, Amel Zaazaa is the co-founder of the Observatoire pour la justice migrante, whose mission is to promote the rights of migrants in Quebec and Canada, and the founder of the Decolonial Love Circle.

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Karla Étienne (Tio’tià:ke/Montreal)

A dance artist of Haitian origin who now lives in Tio’tià:ke/Montreal, Karla Etienne is the executive director of the Canadian Dance Assembly and co-curator of the FURIES Festival.

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