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The Cloud

Atom Cianfarani + Alexis O'Hara + Brutus

A queer anti-capitalist performance in the image of its creators, the interdisciplinary autodidacts Alexis O’Hara and Atom Cianfarani. As the environment collapses around them, the pair—accompanied by Brutus, their singing dog —interrogate our actions and the responsibilities we have as citizens while sharing their concerns with a generous dose of humour and absurdity.

The Cloud grapples with environmental catastrophe related to the eponymous digital storage space. What might be a polluting undersea cable in the real world is transformed on stage into a monumental structure serving as a sculpture, a vessel, or a projection screen. Neither morality play nor tearjerker, The Cloud tells a science fiction-fuelled story with a satirical touch. It’s a mind-blowing journey infused with a DIY punk spirit!

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© Atom Cianfarani

Atom Cianfarani + Alexis O'Hara (Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson) Et tu, Machine

Alexis O’Hara and Atom Cianfarani are self-taught, queer, anti-capitalist artists in their fifties who are driven by the desire to constantly renew their creative methods, refusing to participate in normative culture.

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A descendant of the companions of sailors on merchant ships, Brutus is an adventurer who enjoys travel, hunting rodents and cuddling.

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Media Coverage

“Alexis O’Hara is a remarkably talented self-described “undisciplined artist” who has always strayed from the norm.”

Peter Knegt, CBC, 17-07-2020

« Le fruit de leur labeur fascine autant qu’il horrifie. Les deux artistes parviennent à insuffler un sentiment onirique à l’ensemble, qui se veut pourtant une illustration du cancer qui gangrène notre société néolibérale. »

Karine Tessier, JEU revue de théâtre, 09-05-2019 about OUFF

« Une œuvre qui critique tout en nous appelant à réfléchir sur l’époque dans laquelle nous vivons, mais, plus important encore, sur notre posture en celle-ci et les décisions que nous prenons, la responsabilité individuelle que nous nous octroyons, et l’impact de ces choix en nous et autour de nous. »

Florence Leclerc, La Bible Urbaine, 08-05-2019 about OUFF


“I love the combination of queer and imagineering as an approach to creating a non-normative world. The politics behind our work is very clear, like our anti-capitalist stance and refusal to participate in normative culture. With this work, words matter.”

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