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Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim

Canadian artists Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim invite us to take part in an exhilarating and extraordinary day of gaming—with no instruction manual. The epic adventure of a herd of donkeys unfolds across a wide variety of game genres, with everything from witty dialogue to scenes of copulation, reincarnation, and revolution.

Facing unemployability in a post-industrial world, the asses set off on a quest to get their jobs back. Will humans agree to give up their machines so that the donkeys can get back to work? In this politically charged, interactive experience, the animals’ success lies in the hands of the audience, an ad-hoc community who become the show’s only performers. Slowly but surely, as power is shared and solidarity spreads, the theatre is transformed by revolutionary fervour.

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Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim (Vancouver)

Recognized internationally, they are interdisciplinary artists whose practice focuses on experimenting with and creating gamified conceptual experiences.

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“Any video game described as a “Animal Farm meets Pokémon meets Final Fantasy” is certain to entice gamers to play. But asses.masses looks like a throwback to the earliest days of Nintendo releases with its cute pixelated graphics, and clearly states that no gaming experience is needed to play.”

Stuart Derdeyn, The Vancouver Sun, 17-01-2024

“Expect to be drawn into a world where the audience becomes the performers, engaging in a live, interactive video game that requires the negotiation of power within the story, all while remaining enjoyable to watch for the non-participants.”

Phil Rickaby,, 25-11-2023

“The game’s blend of experimentation, bawdy humour, world-building, and audience collectivity is thrilling. Somehow, the experience of watching someone play a video game is emotionally powerful. (…) The show cleverly probes our sense of self within a collective and individually.”

Gabrielle Marceau,, 28-09-2023

“It’s a meditation on the collaborative needs of both an audience and a revolution.”

Ilana Lucas,, 27-09-2023

“A story of revolution, carnage, reincarnation, and collective care. (…) Asses.masses brings up compelling moral, philosophical, and spiritual questions. Strong character writing paired with well-timed sound effects and music cues carry the emotional side of the story.”

Haley Sarfeld, Kingston Theatre Alliance, 13-06-2023


“The duration makes something special happen: after a while, the audience stops treating the show as a theatrical performance and more like a shared moment on a couch in their basement. Nothing replaces time for building bonds: how people socialize is transformed and they become a community.”

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