FTA Playground

Digital Puppets and Video Games

Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim + Paola Huitrón +
Antonia Leney-Granger

The Université populaire des arts de la marionnette invites artists Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim, creators of asses.masses, and digital puppeteer Paola Huitrón to take part in a discussion on artistic innovation that will encompass performance, video games, and the rapidly evolving art of puppetry.

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Patrick Blenkarn + Milton Lim (Vancouver)

Patrick Blenkarn and Milton Lim’s individual and collaborative projects explore the notion of participatory, immersive, and interactive shows, with an interest in the social value of art, the place of work in a digital world, different modes of discourse, and the political and artistic potential of games.

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Paola Huitrón (Montreal)

Paola Huitrón graduated in acting in Mexico and has worked with various professional puppet theatre companies as a collaborator and on her own projects as a solo artist.

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Antonia Leney-Granger (Montreal)

General and artistic director of the Théâtre du Renard Antonia Leney-Granger is a Montreal artist and teacher specializing in object theatre and transdisciplinary creation, notably in bridging the gap between art and science.

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